Abstract: Nowadays, automatic control systems are no longer unfamiliar, and have been widely used in military, medical, industrial, agricultural and other industries, prompting various industries to move towards intelligence and automation. Therefore, in the future development of the coal washing plant, the automatic control system should also be actively used to bring more economic benefits to the enterprise.

coal washing plant


Coal washing is an indispensable link in coal production, which plays a very important role in promoting the development of coal enterprises and driving social and economic development. The quality of the coal washing process will directly determine the utilization efficiency of coal resources. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of resources and avoid resource waste, it is necessary to widely apply automatic control systems in coal washing production.

1.Introduction to the functions of the automatic control system of the coal washing plant

The automatic control system used in the coal washing plant is composed of transmission communication, monitoring equipment, on-site monitoring and washing site. The functions of the automatic control system are mainly manifested in three aspects: first, real-time dynamic monitoring of the operation status and production conditions of all equipment in the coal washing plant, accurate and efficient control of the relevant parameters, performance, and operation methods of the equipment, so as to promote the equipment Safe and stable operation; second, the operation status of all equipment and production data information are transmitted to the monitoring room, so that managers can have a comprehensive and full understanding in the monitoring room, and organize, summarize and analyze the data information, and timely troubleshoot Prediction and diagnosis; thirdly, combined with the actual situation of the coal washing plant, supervise and manage all the internal equipment anytime and anywhere, thereby improving the operating efficiency and quality of the equipment and saving more resources.

coal washing plant

2 Application method of automatic control system in coal washing plant

2.1 Application of TBS interference bed sorter

The so-called TBS means that the water flow will generate corresponding turbulent flow during the rising process, and the turbulent flow will interfere with its particulate materials, and then sedimentation will occur. This performance is used to sort the particulate materials and enter into different equipment. . The interference of turbulent flow can further decompose the granular material within five millimeters into two, and under the action of pressure and turbulent flow, the granular material is caused to settle at the bottom of the TBS. In the automatic control system, these granular materials will be subjected to the force from TBS. When working in layers, the materials with larger particles will settle to the bottom, on the contrary, the materials with smaller particles will rise to the TBS with the water flow. top. With the continuous input of materials, the granular materials with smaller density will continue to collect into the collection tank under the influence of the force. The denser granular material will be discharged with the PID controller, thus completing a complete sorting. The density distinction of granular materials is based on the use of density sensors, and through the setting of corresponding values 鈥嬧媔n the density sensor, the granular materials are detected in real time, and then the granular materials with different densities are distinguished. The TBS interference bed sorter used at this stage can sort materials from 1.8mm to 0.25mm.

2.2 Application of flotation automation technology

In the application of the automatic control system in the coal washing plant, the flotation automation technology is also a very important part. In the application of the flotation machine, accurate statistics will be made according to the concentration and flow of dry slime. Then, with the help of automated technology, a reasonable amount of medicine is added according to the amount of dry slime. Its operating principle is: first, according to the various mineral content of dry coal slime and the mortar in the tailings, the corresponding analytical instruments are used to carry out accurate measurement and analysis. The flotation automation system can present accurate measurement data information, and then add reasonable doses of drugs according to actual requirements. Under the application of flotation automation technology, not only resources and energy are saved, but also the maximum recovery and utilization of clean coal can be realized. The structure of the flotation automation system applied at this stage is mainly a decentralized network structure, which can realize intelligent and integrated management, and then accurately control the performance and parameters of the equipment to improve production efficiency.

coal washing plant

2.3 Automatic application of loading and sampling links

The automatic control system is applied in the coal washing plant, and it is also reflected in the loading and sampling links. Through the application of the automatic control system, the traditional labor force is liberated, the production efficiency and time are improved, and the management and control of the management personnel are convenient. In the application of the loading link, it can realize the automation of loading and unloading, and can also accurately measure the content of various substances in dry coal slime, so as to promote the production to meet the standards. The application in the sampling process can simplify the operation process, improve the measurement accuracy, effectively measure the ash in the dry slime, and improve the production efficiency.

3 Application effect of automatic control system in coal washing plant

3.1 Improve the level and quality of automated production

With the rapid development of science and technology and information technology, my country's automatic control technology has also developed rapidly. Today, automatic control systems are widely used and have achieved remarkable results. The application of the automatic control system in the coal washing plant can comprehensively monitor the entire coal washing process, and conduct real-time dynamic monitoring of the operating status of each equipment, thereby improving production quality and efficiency. The application of the automatic control system can also optimize the production process of the coal washing plant, so that each production link is efficient, energy-saving, safe and reasonable, and give full play to the value and role of various equipment. In addition, it can simplify the coal washing operation method and make the coal washing technology safer and more reliable. Under the automatic control system, not only the development pace and trend of the coal washing plant is accelerated, but also the automatic production level and quality of the equipment are improved.

coal washing plant

3.2 Improve management level

The application of automatic control system in coal washing plant is also inseparable from the application of computer technology. With the popularization and application of computer technology, it has brought a lot of convenience to people's life and production. Therefore, the application of computer technology to the coal washing plant is also conducive to building a digital, intelligent and integrated management method, building an efficient network platform, strengthening communication between personnel in various departments, and timely understanding the actual situation within the enterprise, and then Keep up with the pace and trend of the development of the times, so as to keep pace with the times. In addition, under the application of the automatic control system, the work quality, coal washing technology, and equipment operation efficiency have been effectively improved, the transportation process has become more efficient and convenient, the coal washing production has become more scientific and reasonable, and the development of the coal washing plant has become more targeted and continuously improved. Improve the management level of enterprises.

coal washing plant

4. Conclusion

To sum up, the application of the automatic control system to the coal washing plant can effectively improve the production level and quality, and bring more economic and social benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, in the future development, it is necessary to actively apply the automatic control system to the coal washing plant to improve the production efficiency.

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