Electrostatic sorter is also called electrostatic separator, high-voltage electrostatic separator, etc. It is an electric beneficiation equipment. Using the differences in electrical properties of various minerals and materials in nature to sort them. It is widely used in sorting titanium, zircon sand, rutile, monazite, iron, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, tin, gold and other rare metal ores. Sort materials with a particle size of 0.1-2 mm and a surface temperature of less than 1%.

Electric separator

The characteristics of the electric selector

1. The high-voltage electric separator is mainly suitable for the separation and sorting of various dry metal and non-metal mixtures.

2. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can only sort materials with very small particle size, and is not suitable for the sorting of large-particle materials. The materials must be crushed before sorting. The diameter of the materials that can be sorted by the high-voltage electrostatic separator is 0.04-1mm.

Features of electrostatic separator 2

Working principle

Electro-separation is a beneficiation method that utilizes the difference in mineral conductivity to conduct sorting in a corona electric field. This machine is a double-drum electric separator, the electrode is a composite electrode, the drum and the frame are connected to the ground wire, and the drum surface and the right side of the high-voltage electrode maintain a certain adjustable distance, which is called the pole distance. After the negative electricity of the power supply is passed to the electrode, a corona electric field and an electrostatic field are generated between the electrode and the surface of the drum. After the selected minerals are brought from the drum to the high-voltage electric field, the corona electrode continuously emits electrons, so both conductor and non-conductor minerals are At the same time, negative charges are obtained. The difference is that the electrical properties of conductors and non-conductors are not equal. The conductor ore particles can quickly drop the obtained charges on the conductor along the tangential direction of the drum through the centrifugal force and gravity generated by the drum. In the ore receiving hopper; the non-conductor ore particles are different, the obtained charge cannot be transferred away immediately, and the drum surface generates mirror suction, which is sucked on the drum surface and then rotated to the rear, brushed down with a brush and falls to the rear of the non-conductor The middle ore between the conductor and the non-conductor falls into the middle ore hopper and becomes the middle ore, so as to realize the separation, which is one of the important selection equipment at present.

Working principle of electrostatic separator

Equipment structure

The main machine consists of seven parts: bucket, feeding, drum, electrode, brush, discharging and transmission:


The bucket is used for ore storage and heating. It is equipped with a permanent infrared heating system, and the heating system is automatically controlled, which can ensure that the sorted materials have a uniform temperature.

2.Mine feeding device

The ore feeding device is composed of the feeding regulator, the lower ore plate and the ore retaining plate, and the amount of ore feeding is controlled by the adjusting handwheel. When unloading, it should be adjusted slowly, and the material should fall on the drum evenly. The function of the ore baffle is to prevent the material from falling directly into the conductor hopper.

Structure of electrostatic sorter


The diameter of the two drums is 220-320mm (outer diameter) and the length is 1500mm. The rotating drum is the grounded positive pole and is an important part to realize the sorting. The hollow shaft is fixed on the supporting shaft for rotation, and the electric heater of the drum is fixed on the non-rotating supporting shaft, which is different from any electric separator at home and abroad, so the heating efficiency of the drum is high and absolutely safe Reliable, drum temperature and self-control.

4. Electrodes

The electrode structure of this electrical separator adopts compound electrodes, also known as compound electric fields, which can be composed of two sets of electrode structures, which are suitable for sorting coarse and fine-grade electrodes. nickel-chromium resistance wire. It is fixed on the bracket with screws, and the static electrode is also fixed on the bracket with screws. The distance between the corona electrode and the corona electrode and the distance between the electrostatic electrode and the corona electrode can be adjusted. The electrostatic electrode is stainless steel tube, X=30-35mm The selection angle a and the diagonal angle ß between the static electrode and the drum center line can be adjusted. The distance between the electrode and the drum can be adjusted before and after and up and down, because the distance, angle and voltage of different mines are different.

electrostatic separator


The non-conductive minerals of the brush must be brushed into the non-conductive ore hopper with a brush because the mirror surface is absorbed on the surface of the drum, so a threaded brush is installed behind the drum. The outer diameter of the brush X=1.25 times the speed of 140mm.

6. Discharge of ore

This equipment and discharge of ore are self-flow discharge, conductor ore is discharged from the front of the machine, middle and tailings (non-conductor ore) are discharged from the rear. Separation plate is an adjustment device for adjusting the grade yield of conductors and non-conductors, all of which are made of insulating plastic plates to prevent inductive electrification.


The speed of the transmission electric separator and the drum is closely related to the separation of various minerals, requiring smooth rotation and stepless speed regulation. This machine adopts AC speed regulating motor with power between 1.1-4kw as power.

electrostatic separator

Classification of electric separators

1. Double roller electric separator

The structure of this kind of electric separator is mainly composed of three parts: main engine, high-voltage electrostatic generator and heating. The main part consists of two upper and lower rollers (diameter 120mm, length 1500mm), corona electrode, static electrode (bias electrode), brush and ore separator. This kind of electric separator is mainly used for the separation of scheelite and cassiterite and the separation of rare metals, and its separation effect and index are relatively good.

Double-roller electric separator

2. High voltage electric separator

The machine is mainly composed of heating feeding hopper, feeding roller, roller electrode, electrostatic electrode, corona electrode, ore separating baffle, ore receiving hopper and so on. The sorting process of this equipment is the same as that of the double-roller electric sorter. Just because the corona electric field area formed between the corona electrode and the ground electrode is wider, the chance of the selected raw materials being charged in the electric field is increased, so that the sorting process can be carried out more fully. The electro-separator is used in my country for separation of scheelite, separation of tantalum and niobium ore, etc., and the effect is very good.

High voltage electric separator

3. Drum type electric separator

YD-3A and YD-4 are two kinds of electric selectors which are currently the largest electric selectors in China. The difference between these two kinds of electric separators and other drum-type electric separators is mainly the electrode structure, and the corona motor adopts thin steel sheet with a thickness of 0.1mm. The advantage of the electrode structure of these two types of electric separators is that the corona electric field is fully utilized and strengthened, and the blade corona electrode is used to prevent the corona electrode from being burned out due to spark discharge. These two kinds of electric separators are mainly used for the selection of ilmenite, the separation of scheelite and other heavy sand minerals. The working voltage is continuously adjustable from 0 to 60kV.

Drum type electric separator

4. Multi-roller high-voltage electric separator

Such as Kapco type multi-roller high-voltage electrical separator, which is a new type of high-voltage electrical separator. Its main features are that the products can be sorted for many times, and the process is flexible; the electrode structure used in this machine can send corona discharge from the electrode to the surface of the roller, which is beneficial to improve the sorting effect; the diameter of the roller can be changed according to The drum is driven by a DC motor, which can be infinitely variable; the production capacity is large. At present, many countries use this machine for iron ore beneficiation, and this kind of electric separator is also used in the iron ore beneficiation equipment produced by Desen Environment.

Multi-roller high voltage electric separator

Technical parameter

Model SpecificationsPowerProductivitySwitchboard sizeWeight

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