Elution & Electrolysis System

Prominer鈥榮 Elution & Electrolysis system is an integrated processing system striping gold from gold-loaded carbon under high-temperature high-pressure cyanide-free conditions. Developed from Zadra and AARL by raising elution temperature and replacing the atmospheric-pressure electrolysis cell with a pressure-bearing one and removing poisonous sodium cyanide, our processing method can effectively increase gold elution efficiency, shorten working time by half, and considerably reduce production cost.

There are various processing capacities for you to choose. Or we can tailor-make the product according to your individual producing demand. A package of technical supports, including on-site installation instruction, commissioning, staff training and maintenance are available under your request.


1. To process gold & silver ore concentrates or pregnant solution with low content of Arsenic (As), Copper (Cu), Carbon(C) and Antimony (Sb) into gold and silver powder.
2. To process gold & silver flotation concentrates after regrinding into gold & silver mud.
3. To process Heap leaching, CIL or CIP leaching or vat leaching pregnant solution into gold & silver mud.

Features And Advantages:

Lower investment compared to the traditional system which needs a lot of civil work construction;
Fast delivery by saving a lot time on installation;
Easy maintenance and operation;
Modular design and easy adjustment according to the customer's requirements;
One-stop smelting system to get gross gold & silver dore.