With the rapid growth of the national economy, the development of mining machinery has been driven. The application range of mining machinery in mining engineering is becoming wider and wider, and it plays an increasingly important role. The hydraulic system of mining machinery plays an important role in the use of mining machinery. However, the hydraulic system is prone to failure due to various factors during use. This article discusses the common failures of the hydraulic system of mining machinery during use. A brief analysis is carried out, and some methods for diagnosing faults are proposed.

Hydraulic system of mining machinery

First of all, let's explain the concept of beneficiation. Mineral beneficiation refers to a process in which useful minerals are selected based on the differences between the physical and chemical properties of various mineral raw materials mined during the mining of mineral raw materials. The machinery used in the process of beneficiation is called beneficiation machinery. Mineral processing machinery mainly includes ball mills, flotation machines, crushers and other machinery. With the continuous development of society and the rapid improvement of the level of science and technology, the development of my country's mining machinery is also rapidly improving. Specifically, when hydraulic technology is used in rock mining, loading, transportation, crushing, ore dressing and other processes in mines, the scope of use continues to expand, and hydraulic technology occupies an increasingly important position in the application of mining machinery. However, due to the harsh working environment around the mining machinery and the long working hours of the mining machinery, the hydraulic system is prone to some failures to a certain extent. Since the hydraulic system must be in a closed environment if it wants to be able to operate normally, and the pollution degree of the surrounding environment has a great impact on the hydraulic device, so the harsh working environment and long mechanical service time are easy It leads to a certain degree of damage to the interior of the hydraulic device, which makes the failure of mining machinery more complicated and more difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the failure of the machine, and then formulate a reasonable plan for maintenance.

1. Frequent failures in the hydraulic system of mining machinery

The hydraulic system cannot perform normal oil supply operation

When the hydraulic system fails to perform normal oil supply operation, the operator can promptly repair the faulty part in order to quickly find the location where the hydraulic system fails. Through the failure analysis of the hydraulic system and the on-site inspection, the staff concluded that the main reasons for the failure of the hydraulic system to supply oil normally are as follows:

(1) The oil level in the oil tank of the hydraulic system is too low, and the relevant staff need to conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection, find the leaking part of the oil tank for maintenance, and adjust the oil level of the oil tank to a position where it can supply oil normally

(2) If the oil suction pipeline is blocked, the staff should carefully check the oil suction pipeline and the machine for oil filtering operation, find the blockage, and remove it.

(3) The viscosity of the oil in the fuel tank is too high, the staff should drain all the oil in the fuel tank, replace it with another oil with a viscosity that meets the requirements, and put it into the fuel tank.

(4) Some residues remain in the used pump, the maintenance personnel should disassemble the pump and remove the residues inside.

(5) Since the pump has been used for too long, serious wear has occurred inside the pump. At this time, the maintenance personnel should replace the components in the pump in time or directly replace a new pump. The above is the failure of the hydraulic system to perform normal oil supply operation, the possible reasons and some simple maintenance methods.

2. The pressure of the hydraulic system fails

The reasons for the pressure failure of the hydraulic system may be as follows: (1) The pressure of the hydraulic system is too low. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the overflow valve bypass valve in the hydraulic system is damaged, the setting value of the pressure reducing valve is too small, and there are problems in the design of the integrated channel, etc. Causes of low pressure in the system. (2) The pressure of the hydraulic system often fluctuates and cannot be stabilized at a certain value. The reasons for this phenomenon may be: the oil in the hydraulic system is not pure enough, and air may be mixed in it; the overflow valve is damaged; the oil in the hydraulic system is polluted; the pump is worn out, etc. The reason why the system has pressure fluctuations and cannot stay at a certain value smoothly.

3. Leakage failure in the hydraulic system

The leakage of the hydraulic system will have a serious impact on mining machinery and the environment around the mine. First of all, once the hydraulic system leaks, it will reduce the safety, stability and reliability of mining machinery. Secondly, the environment around the mine will be polluted by the leakage of the hydraulic system. In addition, after the hydraulic system leaks, the oil pressure in the hydraulic system will drop, making it impossible to maintain the normal operation of the system. The leakage of the hydraulic system consists of two parts: internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the internal leakage in the circuit of the hydraulic system, and the oil flows from the high pressure position to the low pressure position. External leakage means that the oil pressure inside the hydraulic system leaks to the external space, and the oil flows to the external environment. No matter what kind of leakage it is, it will lead to serious consequences. Maintenance personnel engaged in mining machinery hydraulic system failures should do their best to avoid leakage failures, ensure the safety and reliability of mining machinery during use, and protect the natural environment around the mine from damage. Pollution.

4. Technology for diagnosing faults in hydraulic systems of mining machinery

(1) Fault diagnosis based on intuitive experience

As the name implies, the hydraulic system maintenance personnel of mining machinery make judgments on hydraulic system failures based on their professional knowledge and skills and their experience in maintenance work for many years. The advantage of using this method of diagnosing faults is that the fault can be quickly found and repaired in time. The bad thing is that the method of judging the fault is too arbitrary and the reliability is not enough, so it is not suitable for diagnosing the fault of the mining machinery hydraulic system which is too complicated.

(2) Diagnose faults by means of instrument testing

Instrument detection means that the pressure, flow, oil temperature and other data in the hydraulic system are detected by the instrument, and the computer is used to complete a series of complex calculations, and then the detected data is compared with the performance indicators of the hydraulic system, so as to judge the mine The failure of the mechanical hydraulic system. Then, the failure maintenance personnel formulate a reasonable and scientific maintenance plan for maintenance through the analysis of the failure. The advantage of using instrument detection technology to diagnose hydraulic system faults is that the accuracy of the fault judgment is high. The disadvantage is that the cost of fault diagnosis is too high, and the diagnosis result cannot be obtained quickly, and the speed is too slow. This diagnostic method is more suitable for diagnosing the more complex mining machinery hydraulic system faults.

5. Conclusion

With the rapid growth of my country's economy, the development speed of mining machinery is also increasing rapidly, and the application range of mining machinery in mining operations is also becoming wider and wider. On the basis of expanding the scale of mining, it is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of the mining project, to carry out mining with the concept of sustainable development, and to use the mined mineral resources reasonably, scientifically and effectively. The economic development of our country is inseparable from the effective use of mineral resources, and the hydraulic system in mining machinery used in mining mineral resources plays a very important role. If there is a failure in the hydraulic system, it will not only affect the progress of the mining work, what's more, a serious failure may cause some safety accidents, resulting in casualties. Therefore, relevant personnel who carry out mining work must pay attention to the situation of the hydraulic system during the mining process, and maintenance personnel must take timely and effective emergency measures when the hydraulic system fails to ensure the quality of the mining project.

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