In view of the improvement of crushing technology requirements in the current domestic and foreign markets, through the research and development of key technologies such as the crushing method, gap adjustment device and roller surface of the three-roller two-crusher crusher, the project design has reached the domestic advanced technology level, and it is convenient and reliable to use. Operational efficiency and resource utilization are significantly improved to meet market demand.

Three Roller Two Crusher

At present, double-roll crushers are widely used in mines and gravel yards, which saves manpower and material resources and brings good economic benefits. However, the performance of traditional double-roll crushers is not stable enough. Problems such as large capacity, especially the insufficient toughness of the easily worn-out parts of the roll surface, seriously affect the production efficiency. Jiuchang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. organizes scientific research forces, and independently develops a new type of three-roller and two-crushing roller crusher on the basis of fully absorbing the advanced technology and advantages of crushers at home and abroad, effectively solving the problems of less crushing times, low efficiency, and high energy consumption. It will be widely used in mineral processing, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, abrasives, grinding equipment and building materials.

The important role of the research and development of the three-roller and two-crusher

1.1 The project conforms to the national industrial policy

This project belongs to the high-tech clearly encouraged by the national policy, in line with the "National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)" in the key themes and priority areas, the efficient development and utilization of mineral resources as a priority development direction.

1.2 Improve work efficiency and resource utilization

The three-roller two-crusher crusher adopts high-tech crushing technology, which can effectively crush various links in various industries. It has the advantages of simple structure, compact and lightweight, easy to manufacture, and reliable operation. It will improve the effective utilization of resources and economic benefits, and reduce resource waste. To meet the needs of our customers.

Three Roller Two Crusher

1.3 Driven by related industries

The R&D and industrialization of the products of this project not only play a positive role in promoting the development of local upstream supporting enterprises, but also effectively stimulate and drive and prosper service industries, such as transportation, auxiliary material supply, catering services, etc., and promote the tertiary industry Development is of great significance to the promotion of personnel employment and social harmony and stability.

Research on the crushing method, gap adjustment device and roll surface of the three-roller two-crusher

2.1 Research on crushing methods

Traditional roller crushers use two rollers and one crushing, and each roller needs to be driven by a motor, which results in fewer crushing times, low efficiency, and high energy consumption. On the basis of fully researching the domestic and foreign three-roller two-crushing crusher market, according to the current technical foundation and urgent market demand, formulate a crushing technical solution with advanced performance, and on this basis, conduct technical principle analysis and process design to achieve It has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, large crushing ratio, reliable performance, less dust and low noise.

Three Roller Two Crusher

2.2 Research on gap adjustment device

The three-roller two-crushing crusher is equipped with three crushing rollers, and the crushing rollers are all slidably installed on the crusher frame, and there is a gap adjustment device between the crusher frame and the upper slide rail and the lower rail on the frame. .

There is an adjusting bolt between the upper slide rail and the lower slide rail, through the adjustment of the position of the active crushing roller or the driven crushing roller on the crusher frame, the structure and movement track are optimized, the automation level is improved, and the synchronous adjustment is guaranteed to meet the center of the crushing roller. Parallel lines are required to reduce the blockage of the crusher and improve production efficiency.

2.3 Research on the roll surface

The roller surface of the crusher is a part that is easy to wear and tear. It has wear resistance, but its toughness is not enough. The use process will affect the production efficiency. Through many studies and tests, high-strength wear-resistant materials are used as the lining board, which has good cushioning properties and can effectively buffer the impact of ores falling from high altitudes, and the continuous service life can reach more than one year, reducing the difficulty of equipment maintenance. Save a lot of cost for the enterprise.

Three Roller Two Crusher

Innovation objectives, key technologies, working principles, operating conditions and quality indicators of three-roller two-crusher

3.1 Innovation goals

Vigorously improve the innovation of crushing technology, and develop a three-roller two-crusher crusher. This equipment runs smoothly, has good crushing effect, and is easy to maintain. It can promote the overall technical level of the domestic industry.

3.2 Key technologies

According to the principle of "fewer rolls, more crushing", the research and development of the three-roller two-crushing crusher is carried out, and three rollers are arranged in a certain order and angle to achieve two crushing. According to the crushing granularity required by the user, the three roller surfaces can be arbitrarily selected for surfacing roller surface and flat roller surface. The crushing method has no medium, the manufacturing process is simple, the work efficiency is high, the cost is low, the economic benefit is considerable, and the market prospect is great.

3.3 Working principle

Three high-strength wear-resistant alloy crushing rollers are used to crush the material with high extrusion force generated by relative rotation. After the material enters the crushing chamber of the upper two rollers, it is squeezed by the relative rotation of the two rollers, and the material is squeezed and ground for the first time. After (coarse crushing), the material immediately enters the relatively rotating lower two rollers (the middle roller is a shared roller). The extrusion force of the lower two rollers is used for secondary extrusion and grinding (fine crushing), and it is broken into the required particle size by the row. The feed port is discharged.

Three Roller Two Crusher

3.4 Conditions of use

It is suitable for the fine crushing of solid materials with a compressive strength less than 240Mpa and a moisture content of less than 15%. The feed particle size is less than 90mm, and the particle size of the finished product is required to be 0.2-10, such as chemical fertilizer, coke, coal, cement clinker, ceramic raw materials, limestone, long Fine crushing of solid materials such as stone, slag, quartz stone, gypsum, clay, salt, chemical raw materials, etc.

3.5 Quality indicators

Implement national industry standards, and formulate enterprise standards on this basis, with a factory pass rate of 100% and no quality accidents.

Project target product benefit analysis and market forecast

4.1 Benefit Analysis

After the completion of the project, the company will reach a production scale of 100 sets per year, with an estimated annual sales income of 30 million yuan, and it will drive employment and income generation for surrounding personnel, with good economic and social benefits.

Three Roller Two Crusher

4.2 Market Forecast

The three-roller two-crusher is an efficient crushing equipment, and there is no such equipment in China. The development of such equipment will promote and enhance the technical level of the industry and lead my country's crusher application equipment industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China". With the rapid advancement of the national "Belt and Road" initiative, if 10% of enterprises in cement, chemical and other industries invest in this equipment every year, the market potential and demand will be greatly improved, and the market share will reach more than 10%. very broad.

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