Quartz sand is one of the important industrial materials. Due to the special molecular chain mechanism, crystal form and lattice changes, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high insulation. It is widely used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics, and can also be used in foundry, metallurgy, smelting ferrosilicon and other industries. How to process raw ore into high-purity quartz sand? Generally speaking, quartz sand raw ore can produce concentrates of different purity through different beneficiation processes. These quartz sand concentrates of different purity can be used for different industrial purposes like foundry, glass making etc.

Quartz sand

What is the specific separation process of quartz sand concentrate?

Available in varying degrees of purity. When processing quartz sand raw ore, it can generally be divided into two parts: pretreatment operation and sorting operation.

1.Quartz sand ore pretreatment process

Quartz sand ore pretreatment includes crushing, screening and grinding. The specific process is as follows:

(1)Crushing and screening operations

Crushing is carried out by vibrating feeder. The crushed products are transported to the circular vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening. The qualified ore is sent to the next process in advance. The remaining ore after screening is sent to

For secondary crushing. Such a process is a two-stage and a closed circuit crushing and screening operation. Such a closed-loop operation can improve the efficiency of crushing and screening, and at the same time fully recover the concentrate in the quartz sand raw ore.


Separate the concentrate and impurities as much as possible. The specific grinding process is as follows: The ore after crushing and screening is transported to the powder bin by the belt conveyor for temporary storage. Then the ore powder enters the rod mill for grinding under the action of feeder and belt conveyor. The ground product will be pumped into the sedimentation tank by the slurry pump for further processing. The above is the grinding operation in the quartz sand sorting process.

The above is the two-step pretreatment in the quartz sand separation process. After the above process, we need to choose the corresponding beneficiation process according to the purity requirements of the quartz sand. You can learn about three quartz sand separation processes.

sand plant

2.Quartz sand-casting sand separation process

After grinding and first settling, the coarse concentrate is pumped into the second settler for secondary settling. The upper part of the settled pulp is sent to the vibrating screen for processing. The screened mud will flow into the mud pump for three settling treatment. After precipitation, the qualified concentrate is concentrated and dehydrated through the dewatering screen. The dehydrated quartz sand concentrate is foundry sand. There is a closed loop in this part of the process flow. This closed-circuit circulation process is that the lower part of the secondary sedimentation slurry enters the second vibrating screen for treatment, and then enters the first vibrating screen for secondary screening. This closed-circuit screening can recover more quartz sand concentrate.

Quartz sand

3. Quartz sand-glass sand separation process

Glass sand is a kind of quartz sand with high purity. Therefore, its separation process will be more complicated than foundry sand. As mentioned above, the production of foundry sand adopts triple sedimentation treatment. The lower part of the three sinks and one sink is used to produce glass sand. The specific process is as follows: part of the precipitated pulp flows into the plate magnetic separator to remove weak magnetic impurities. The product after removal of impurities needs to flow into

And wait for two precipitation treatments. The treated concentrate flows into the dewatering screen for dehydration treatment, and completes the whole process of sorting quartz sand into glass sand.


4. Quartz sand and fine mud separation process

The ground quartz sand slurry is pumped by the slurry pump to the settler for classification. The sorted tailings are used to produce fine sludge. Coarse concentrate is used to produce foundry sand and glass sand. Coarse quartz sand tailings need to use thickeners to further improve their grade. The size of the thickener depends on the amount of tailings. Product flows from the bottom

Also contains a lot of water. Therefore, an automatic hydraulic chamber filter press must be used to remove the moisture. It should be noted here that before the pulp enters the filter press, a mixer should be used to evenly distribute the mineral particles in the pulp. This improves dehydration efficiency. The filter cake falling from the filter press is the final fine mud.

The above is the separation process of quartz sand with different purity. It can be seen from the above that the higher the purity of quartz sand, the more complicated the process. Therefore, beneficiation process design is particularly important when dealing with quartz sand.

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